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Custom Butchering

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Beef Cut Sheet

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Beef Cut Sheet

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Hog Cut Sheet

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Cut Sheet

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Beef Prices

Service Price
Processing cost Fee will be charged
Tenderizing/Stew Meat Extra cost
Patties Extra cost
Split side/quarter beef fee Extra cost
Slaughter fee Fee will be charged

Pork Prices

Service Price
Slaughter Fee Fee will be charged
Processing Cost Fee will be charged
Cure & Smoke Extra cost
Pork Patties/Rope Sausage/Sausage Patties Extra cost
Slicing Fee (Fresh side) Extra cost
Half Hog Extra charge

sheep/goat Prices

Service Price
Slaughter & Processing Fee will be charged
Smoked Leg of Lamb Extra charge

Full DEER Processing – Any questions call 574-767-1110

Service Price

Beef Cut Sheet

All Quarters are cut and packaged to a standard size for all except Ground Beef. All orders are due on the week the beef is dropped off. If we do not receive the order the week it’s due in, we reserve the right to process the beef to a standard order when it’s ready to cut.

Unique identifier (e.g. tag number, breed, or other identifying feature of animal)
20 Max

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