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Jordan is the fifth generation butcher/meat cutter in our family! The family tradition started in the 1880’s when Great -Grandfather Ezra W. Martin was as “poor as a church mouse”. A friend gave him a beef to do with what he wished. Rather than feed the family with it, Ezra butchered and sold the meat. And the Martin’s Quality Meat business started in Lancaster, PA, from those humble beginnings. Great Grandmother developed and sold the first Sweet Bologna!! The “Wonder Ham” was a top seller. The Ham Loaf was simply known as “Wedding Loaf” because everyone wanted it for wedding receptions!

We handle your meat with the same respect we would our own meats. We stress cleanliness and quality. Yes, we are a country butcher shop here in Bourbon, IN, but our standards are top of the line!!

In Commemoration of Jean Shupp, our dear late mother and grandmother. The historical note about us is her original work. She helped bring our website to light, and in turn, we have dedicated a historical photo tour of her life in the meat industry. Growing up working with meat, she carried a torch for the industry and passed much knowledge on to her children. May her memory live on!

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